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This system uses the research from hundreds of developers that got together to fight COVID-19 with code. EngageCitizen added an AI engine for better results.

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We believe we all share the same motivation: return to "as normal as possible" activity with no prejudice of our health and privacy.
These are times to join forces! Please contact us and let's exploit the synergies.

Awesome features

We partnered with Health experts and large online communities to build this solution. It is not ours but a product from a large number of volunteer heroes.

Health condition.

According to your health condition (based on a questionnaire when registering and data from National Healthcare) combined with your lifestyle (places and people you contact), the app is continuously updating the graph highlighted by colour tones (from red to green).

Symptoms monitoring.

Symptoms monitoring.
For more fragile health conditions (levels from yellow to red) the app monitors the risk symptoms (fever, breathing problems, etc.), and, if necessary, orders home quarantine and automatically schedules the tests.

Contagion control of public spaces.

Contagion control of public spaces.
User checks in the public space and the systems continuously calculate the risk of contagious of the place. This way, users know the risk of visiting the site and owners can manage the risk of infection of the place in realtime.

A combined effort between citizens and health authorities.

This app will guide citizens to proceed according to the National Health Program to fight COVID-19. It calculates individual status and risk, providing alerts and recommendations according to the national plan. Health authorities have a realtime system about the evolution, behaviours and places. Actions are decided centrally and applied only to those in the specific target stage.

AI engine for better qualification.

AI engine for better qualification.
A machine learning engine is continuously learning about the critical patterns involved in the change of a user/place stage. This way, the system will tune-up its suggestions based on realtime evidence.

Scrupulous compliance with EU recommendations.

From GDPR to the COVID specific Commission Recommendation (from April, 4) and the World Health Organisation advice, the app uses the result of a joint research Pan-European program (Pepp-pt) and the EU common Union toolbox for the use of technology and data to combat and exit from the COVID-19 crisis, in particular concerning mobile applications and the use of anonymised mobility data.



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